The idea of starting a business in the fishing industry first arose on a Greek ship m/v Stork, which was on a cruise around the world. Due to the lenght of the journey, there was plenty of time to talk about fishing in The Baltic Sea. The conversations became an inspiration for a ship engineer Tomasz Ryłko, who after returning home, decided to set up a family business. This is how Stormbringer came into being in Gdynia in 1992.
The logo of the company took on a French lighthouse – La Vieille, which adequately reflected the objectives of the enterprise. Situated on a rocky shore, the lighthouse symbolized an inextricable bond between men and the sea encouraged further journeys.

At first, Stormbringer supplied fresh fish to the domestic market only, but after Poland’s accession to the Europen Union, the business activity of the company expanded and reached western markets, especially France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium.

The company is able to function on foreign markets solely due to high quality of he products delivered and the guaranteed delivery policy. By exporting Baltic salmon, trout, pike-pearch, turbot as well as cod fillets and pike-pearch fillets, Stormbringer gained utmost appreciation from its foreign clients. It was primarily the result of the feedstock being sourced from solid and trusty suppliers only.

All policies of the company have always been heavily baseod on unconditional honesty towards thesuppliers and the clients alike. Owing to the implementation of HACCP system, Stormbringer abides by srtict rules, esuring high quality of the poducts and freshness of the fish.

The introduction of dual sector policy has further enhanced the company’s efficiency. To ensure high quality of the products, timeliness of deliveries and satisfaction of the clients, domestic sales are managed by Stormbringer 2 while orders placed by forign clients are processed by Stormbringer. In addition to its export activity, Stormbringer also imports shells from Brittany, salmon from Scotland and the Faroe Islands, halibut from the Netherlands and France and Baltic cod from Germany.


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